Panorama 1453


The Panels of Istanbul

Thanks to its libertarian and fair management, Fatih the Conqueror captured the hearts before he conquered the castles, and desired that magnificent city became a centre of sciences and arts. Established to contribute to the reverend heritage, the museum of conquest also intended that the visitors spend some quality time. For those that cannot find time to read “Panels of Istanbul”, the main theme of the panels are also given in brief sentences. In addition to this, automatic audio guidance system enables to provide detailed information at the museum.

You pass through the conquest corridors along the way that you follow to the section where the panoramic picture of Panorama 1453 Museum of History exists. While passing through the two-floor corridors, the “Panels of Istanbul” accompany you...

Narration panels and dramatic documentaries have been made available on the way to the panoramic picture so that visitors are provided with information. The city of Istanbul, Fatih the Conqueror and the conquest have been narrated in different aspects on the narration panels that start with the history of Istanbul and end upon death of the Fatih the Conqueror. The photographs of the original miniature, engraving, plan, drawings, pictures and genuine objects are shown at the exhibition, and it has been intended that the incidents are visualised with a narration and works of art by describing the era, the way they were perceived as much as possible. The texts have been penned by employing a scientific approach and popular style considering the visitors' profile so that basic information is provided for those that are interested.