Panorama 1453


Önemli Ziyaretler

We officially opened PANORAMA 1453 MUSEUM OF HISTORY. No need to say much about it. It will talk for itself. "IT IS MAGNIFICENT". I congratulate the Mayor Kadir Topbaş, and our artists that made great efforts. Best wishes and kind regards...

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

President of the Republic


It has been a great pleasure and honour for me to see Istanbul 1453 Panoramic Museum that narrates the beautiful city of Istanbul, which has been the cradle of great civilisations for centuries, functioned as the most beautiful city in the world and is the pearl of our beautiful country, and the conquest of the city in 1453 that ended an era and opened a new era. The museum has been in service for our people in accordance with modern museum standards. I also feel proud that these works of arts, which play an exceptional role in reminding the praiseworthy days of our glorious history and thus raising awareness of our past to all members of our great nation, are offered for the service of our people by our municipalities. I give my special thanks to everybody that has made efforts to realise this magnificent project, and wish them continued success. ABDULLAH GÜL


Prime Minister


I feel proud as the grandchild of the great ancestors. Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem

Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem

Erdem Holding


I was fascinated by this beautiful work that visualises the conquest of Istanbul. I am grateful to those that made efforts for this work. I give my special thanks to Kadir TOPBAŞ, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality and his team that created this work for the beautiful city of Istanbul, and congratulate them for this great work. Recep Altepe

Recep Altepe

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality


I sincerely congratulate the ones that gave us such a great work. While watching the visuals, I felt as if living in those moments when our ancestors conquered the city of Istanbul. I strongly believe that every young individual should see them. Hopefully this kind of works will continue in my town as in the rest of Turkey. Bowing down before those that made the conquest come true, I would like to take this opportunity to express that I am utterly pleased to be here and am grateful to the kind interest and hospitality of our mayor. İsmail Ok

İsmail Ok

Mayor of Balıkesir


I feel proud to be here where one can feel the history and culture in this atmosphere. I want to thank everybody that contributed efforts here. Ayfer Yaman

Ayfer Yaman

AK Party Istanbul Women's Branch Head


I am happy for seeing for the first time a precious work that is ornamented with the history of art and art of history. I congratulate the project owners and artists. I wish continuity of these works in the future. Fehmi Hüsrev KUTLU

Fehmi Hüsrev KUTLU

Member of Parliament for Adıyaman


I visited Panorama 1453 Museum of History. I am more than happy now that we have a three dimensional museum of history, which has been long missed in Turkey. I thank everybody that contributed efforts in the formation of this particular museum, and salute them with respect. Mehdi EKER

Mehdi EKER

Minister of Agriculture


One could not better narrate the beautiful city of Istanbul. We should appreciate the people that lost their life for this cause. I want to thank everybody that contributed to this. A magnificent museum. Oya Aksoy

Oya Aksoy

A great bliss to keep the sensation of conquest alive! I felt as if living in those days. I want to thank everybody that contributed to it. Özleyiş Topbaş

Özleyiş Topbaş


We would like to thank all administrators and producers that contributed to and made decisions for establishing this particular museum that convey our past to the future. We now look to the future more confidently. I see ourselves as the soldiers behind the Conqueror. Author Katayel-Ahmet Öksüzkaya

Yazar Katayel-Ahmet Öksüzkaya

23rd Period Members of Parliament from Kayseri


I had the honour to visit This Magnificent place which explains the history of the city and how this affected the history of this region. Good luck to all a Wishing the Turkish people all the happiness in the world keep it up. Royal Navy

Royal Navy