Panorama 1453


Helicopter Simulation

The first and only real-time simulation that covers all regions of a country... Composed of 3D helicopter and land shooting enriched by realistic effects such as wind, rain, snow and touch, the simulation offers different options for excursion.

Turkey Country Tour:

By getting on the helicopter that departures from the Miniatürk, you will tour around for the Ottoman history at Istanbul Topkapı Palace, ancient Greek cities in Bergama and Ephesus, gladiators in Antalya Aspendos, underwater world in Kaş, unprecedented beauty of Muğla Fethiye, the charm of fairy chimneys in Nevşehir Cappadocia, reminiscent of the magnificent Mountain Nemrut the city of Mardin for its genuine architecture, bewitching Sümela monastery in Trabzon and skiing in Uludağ Bursa. The simulation will take you to the times of ages ago, and will bring you back to the present. You will bear witness to the moments at historical venues.

Istanbul City Tour:

Taking a helicopter tour on the skies of Istanbul is a dream for anybody that happens to city the magnificence of this city... The glow of the Bosporus, charm of the Maiden's Tower, magnificence of Dolmabahçe Palace, flamboyance of Hagia Sophia, mystery of Topkapı Palace, awesomeness of Sultanahmet, secrets of the Golden Horn, historical tissue of the Rumelia Fortress and crowds at the Egyptian Market are all awaiting you. Do not forget, this is not only a film. Flyride promises an unforgettable experience in.

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